Aurinkotuulenpolku / Solar Wind Alley feature film, coming soon!


Alice lives with her younger sisters in the rural Finnish village, in the house their mother build before she past away. Alice has taken mother`s place as the head of the family. She wants to protect her younger sisters and shelter them from the world. When the solar storm hits the village it leaves everyone without electricity and puts the community in crises.


Alina Tomnikov, Freja Teijonsalo, Luli Norris, Onni Vesikallio, Ilkka Pekkarinen, Mitro Partti, Maria Hietanen, Henna Hakkarainen


Directed by: Anastasia Lobkovski; screenplay by: Jarkko Olavi Virtanen; cinematography by: Jaakko Slotte; editing by: Inka Lahti; sound recording by: Svante Colerus, Jarkko Kela, Jukka Nurmela; assistant director: Niina Vornanen; additional editing and colour grading by: Antti Hirsiaho; costume design and make-up by: Iiris Anttila; production design by: Anastasia Lobkovski; sound design by: Jukka Nurmela; VFX by: Jarno Elonen; graphic design by: Rami Mursula, music by: Antti Hirsiaho; produced by: Anastasia Lobkovski

Co-produced by: Jukka Nurmela / Das Båt Ltd

Co-produced by: Aalto Studios

Supported by: City of Espoo Cultural services

Arts Promotion Centre Finland

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