Anastasia Lobkovski is a filmmaker and visual artist based in Finland.

She has graduated as MFA from The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2013. Anastasia Lobkovski has also Master of Arts degree 2017 from Aalto University Filmmaking department. Lobkovski did her BA degree in 2007 at TAMK Art and Media, major in directing.

Anastasia Lobkovski`s works has been seen at art exhibitions in Finland, such as Young Artists at Kunsthalle, Helsinki, The Art Museum of Jyväskylä, Galleria AARNI, Espoo and overseas at Aratoi Art Museum, New Zealand and The Room Contemporary Art Space, Italy.

Her short films has been broadcasted by The Finnish National Television and participated at the film festivals around the world, such as BFI London Film Festival (UK), Montreal Festival du Nouveau Cinema (Canada),  Moondance (USA), EMAF (Germany), Busan Art Film Festival (South-Korea), Fresh Film Fest (Czech Republic) and 70th Edinburgh International Film Festival (UK).

Lobkovski`s short film “The boy who was afraid of Nothing” was nominated as one of the best European student`s films at Camerimage, Poland, 2013. Her first feature film screenplay in development won Juri Sillart Visual Prize, at international ENGAGE workshop in 2014.

Beside her own projects she works as a casting director for art house feature films, most known for “The Happiest day of Olli Mäki”, directed by Juho Kuosmanen, that won  Un Certain Regard prize at Cannes 2016, “Stupid Young Heart” directed by Selma Vilhunen, that won Crystal Bear for the best film of Generation 14plus at Berlinale 2019 and “Dogs don’t wear pants” directed by JP Valkeapää, that premiered at Cannes in 2019.

Anastasia Lobkovski is a member of the Association of Finnish Film Directors, Finnish Painters Union,  Muu Artists` Association (Finland) and The Association of Espoo Visual Artists.


Engage, European collaboration, training and development workshop, by Screen Academy Scotland UK, 2014

Nisi Masa “Rush up” film workshop, 2008, Paris France

Transatlantic Talent Campus at Reykjavik Film Festival, 2008 Iceland

Selected filmography:

2022 “Aurinkotuulenpolku” / eng. “Solar Wind Alley”, 76 min, feature film

Directed and produced by: Anastasia Lobkovski

Screenplay: Jarkko Olavi Virtanen


Aalto Studios

Jukka Nurmela / Das Båt

Production support: Culture department City of Espoo, TAIKE Arts Promotion Centre Finland

In post production

2018 “Hehku”, 10min, short fiction.

Directed by: Anastasia Lobkovski

Screenplay: Anna Lappalainen, Anastasia Lobkovski

Produced by: Veera Leino, Anna Lappalainen, Anastasia Lobkovski / ELO Helsinki Film School. Screenplay supported by AVEK The Promotional Centre for Audiovisual Culture Finland

2016 “The Flying Fish”, 28 min documentary

Directed by: Anastasia Lobkovski

Screenplay by: Anastasia Lobkovski, Sini Järnström, Antti Jääskeläinen, Jukka Nurmela

Produced by: Jenny Tervakari / Tarasow Films. Supported by: Aalto Research Institute and Alfred Kordellin Foundation

2016 “Alpacas”, 20 min, short fiction (gallery version 3 min)

Directed and screenplay by: Anastasia Lobkovski

Produced by: Anastasia Lobkovski / ELO Helsinki Film School / Supported by Kansan Sivistysrahasto, Finland 2015

2012 “The Boy who was afraid of Nothing”, 13 min, fiction

Directed and screenplay by: Anastasia Lobkovski

Produced by: Annalisa Schmuckli / Aalto University School of Art and Design / The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Media Centre LUME and Das Båt / Supported by Aalto Research Institute

2009 “Fragments of Life”, 13 min, short fiction

Directed and screenplay by: Anastasia Lobkovski

Produced by Anastasia Lobkovski / in co-operation with Piia Andell, Heidi Tikka / AVEK The Promotional Centre for Audiovisual Culture Finland

2007 “Romka-97”, 13 min, short fiction

Directed and screenplay by: Anastasia Lobkovski

Produced by: Jenni Ranta, Ilkka Rautio, Anastasia Lobkovski / TAMK

In co-production with Sari Volanen / YLE TV1

2004 “KUB”, 10 min, short film

Directed and screenplay by: Anastasia Lobkovski

Produced by Mihkel Mäemets / TAMK

Interview by Luca Curci about my art work during PLACES exhibition in Venice 2018:


Contact information: anastasialobkovski@gmail.com

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